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Bob's Burgers "Crawl Space" (Thesis Project)

Welcome to the Bob's Burgers unofficial game page, this was a 7 month project that took a lot of my time to come up with props, quests, environment, as well as hours upon hours of coding. This game is not for public audience, but rather for the industry to see my potential.

This game is based off of the 2nd episode of Bob's Burgers (Crawl Space). It is a first person shooter/maze crawler with quest pickups, menus, easter eggs, and so much more



Programs and skills:

-Maya: (Modeling, UV layout, texturing, animating, rigging, weight painting)

-Substance Painter: (used on: Environment, Props, Character)

-UE4: (Importing, UI, Visual Blueprints, Cinematics, Sound Effects, Material Master+Instances, Particles) 

Audacity: (Creating or manipulating sounds for: footsteps, prop sounds, character VO)

Photoshop: (Manipulating images to better fit the environment, such as using Color Correction)

Fun Facts:

-One of the main reasons I even made this game was on the fact that I made a Kuchi Kopi Zbrush model, 2 years prior while at Otis College of Art and Design. Almost like a full circle of knowledge being brought together.

-I hit the ground running on this game idea, taking me the whole second semester to create a playable demo after my original Thesis as an Animator the first semester, wasn't going anywhere fast enough.

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