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Dustiny Remastered

Dustiny was one of the first projects I ever worked on while using the Unreal Engine.

Since then, I took a look at the work that I have accomplished on that group project and decided to go solo to build out the entire demo-sized game again. To build cleaner and better code, alongside 3D models and assets that are not rushed for a class project, but have time to be flushed out for the overall layout of the game.

I have spent over a year of work on the project so far.

Release date: TBA

Sunken Ship

The Sunken Ship was a non playable   group project where we all had to plan and model our environment, based on the vague guidelines of what our teacher told us to do. 

The project was a semester long, and we all had to model in someway or another, as well as modeling, I focused on the extra details such as the bubbles, lighting, and the god rays to work, and my group focused on the aestetics of the environment.

Contributions: Models, UV layout, Texturing, Camera Animations, Particles, VFX

Release: May 2017

S.S. Invitation

The Senior Show Invitation was a 6 week project, in which I had to come up with my own unique way of telling my friends and family that I was having a showcasing of my work in May of 2017.

I opted out of an animation, due to rendering times, and instead made a game from scratch. Afterwards, I made a video of the gameplay, in which all the work is showcased.

Contributions: Models, UV layout, Texturing, Animations, Sound Effects, Blueprints, UI, VFX

Release: December 2016

Island Unknown

Island Unknown was a 7 week project that I did for a class, the teacher wanted me to show off/build on my coding abilities and not focus solely on modeling. 

The initial island was more realistic but was changed to something unique, as per the teachers request, thus changing the overall look of the island, and the quirkiness of the game.

Synopsis: The player must traverse the landscape and battle an endboss, in hopes of making it off the island.

Contributions: Models, Animations, UI, Blueprinting, Texturing, UV layout

Release: December 2016


Dustiny was the first project I worked on within Unreal, as my group knew nothing about coding, I became the coder for the game. 

The project was a semester long, where we all had to come up with an idea, model, animate, code, and showcase by the final. 

I went above and beyond for this project, so much as to even adding in sound effects to make the piece feel more like a flushed out game.


Synopsis: The player wakes up on a crashed ship, where they must fight their way out.

Contributions: Models, Sound Effects, Blueprints, UI

Release: May 2016

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